California brewery acquiring Great Basin Brewing

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RENO, NV (KOLO) - A new era for Great Basin Brewing Company is coming soon.

Monday, April 22, 2019, the local craft beer brand announced Mammoth Brewing Company's intent to acquire the Northern Nevada business.

Great Basin Brewing Company has been a staple in Northern Nevada for years, but now the local brewery is taking steps to build its brand by partnering with the out-of-state business.

“What better way to grow than to merge the two brands and companies?” asks Tom Young with Great Basin Brewing Company.

Mammoth Brewing Company, a popular craft beer brewery out of the Mammoth Lakes area in California, will acquire Great Basin officially sometime this summer.

Sean Turner with Mammoth Brewing Company says the merger will benefit both brands.

“For us it was the perfect company to work with so that Mammoth Brewing Company could increase our production,” says Turner.

Turner says every year his business struggles to keep up with demand for his product, but Great Basin’s equipment and facilities solve his problem. Great Basin will be able to tap into the larger distribution footprint established by MBC along the California coast.

“We needed to combine forces to be able to compete effectively and be able to really promote our distinctive brands,” says Turner.

Both owners say this is not a takeover and each brand will stay true to its individuality while focusing on growth.

“There will be very little changes in terms of anything, the sign in front of the door will still say Great Basin Brewing Company. We’ll still be brewing lots and lots of Icky beer and I’m going to stick around to make sure it’s brewed with all the right perfection we’ve gotten to know over the years,” says Young.

Two companies from two states, both committed to growth, citing the benefit of strength in numbers.

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