California ammo law goes into effect

Published: Jul. 1, 2019 at 8:04 PM PDT
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A new law requiring background checks for the purchase of ammunition went into effect in California July 1.

Proposition 63 was passed by California voters in 2016 and now three years later, residents are feeling its impact.

Everyone is familiar with required background checks to purchase firearms, but with this new law in effect, California is now the first state to require background checks on buying bullets.

Local gun shop owner Sharon Oren of Maccabee Arms says he's been seeing an uptick of Californians coming to Nevada to buy ammo.

"We get the phone call; first do you guys have ammo and, yes, well do you ask for or check ID? And usually when we get that question we know they are from California and we have a little joke about it," he says.

Oren says while Californians cannot purchase guns in Nevada, he won't stop them from purchasing anything else.

"Usually they'll come on in to drool; as they say, we'll make it a joke and I'll say as long as it doesn't have a serial number on it, you know, you want a shirt, a hat, you know, a knife, you want ammunition as long as you're not a criminal and you're over 21, go for it," he says.

He also says he doesn't foresee this law helping keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

"A person who is about to commit a murder doesn't really care about breaking the law, whether it's lying on the federal form, buying it illegally, crossing state lines, or going into a school zone or gun-free zone, so laws only work on law-abiding citizens," Oren says.

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