COVID-19 Pandemic impacts funeral industry

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) The COVID-19 Pandemic is forcing every industry to adapt. The funeral industry making changes too.

"Every life deserves to be remembered and so it's very important that a ceremony does occur so that people can grieve and cope properly," Rick Noel, an owner of Walton's Funerals & Cremations, said.

Walton's is now limiting the number of people who can attend services to ten because of CDC guidelines. They are recommending that families postpone public services.

"However we are looking at other ways in which we can help families in other ways with live streaming of services," Noel said. He said he hopes to have streaming ready as soon as possible.

They are also limiting person-to-person contact and recommending that families make all arrangements via phone.

"Actually we've had people call in and suggest doing everything over the phone," Kim Kandaras, who is also an owner, said. "So they understand the limited amount of people that can be in arrangements."

Noel said he does not anticipate a shortage of grave sites like Italy.

"We also have a higher cremation rate in Nevada too so that would help in that situation whereas Italy is predominantly burial as the choice," he said.

You can call to make arrangements at 775-323-7189 or visit their website at Walton's Funerals & Cremations.

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