Black Friday is busiest day for plumbers

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) The homeowner at the house we visited says the draining in the sink wasn't great over the last couple of days; it just got worse Thanksgiving night.

The result is it backed up and clogged; it was time to call a plumber.

“Grease in the drain is bad,” says Mark Enwald, a plumber with Mr. Rooter.

Enwald says grease is the cause of most of the clogs he sees this time of year. And on the busiest day for plumbers it is no different.

But in this case it was only a secondary cause of the clog. Enwald says the garbage disposal isn't working because the re-set button was tripped at some point.

This too is a little known problem homeowners can fix for themselves.
Located underneath the disposal unit, the red button just needs a little push.

Not done, however, Edwald says there are still particles left inside the pipe to prevent good water flow. He places a pot underneath the pipes.
He disconnects captured water and finds more food material. This is where additional grease can make the problem even worse.

“They've got to run a lot of water. When you run the garbage disposal even after food waste has gone out of the sink, you've got to have it run for 30 to 45 seconds,” say Enwald.

Mark's next call is to a restaurant.

It goes to show big or small—anyone can suffer from a clogged sink the day after Thanksgiving.