Burning Man helps Reno Bike Project fulfill mission

Published: Aug. 29, 2019 at 6:16 PM PDT
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Pictures from the Reno Gazette Journal have made their way around the world.

They show bikes thousands and thousands of them left on the playa by the tens of thousands of Burning Man participants.

Kurstin Graham, manager of the Reno Bike Project says, ideally it should not happen this way.

But it does and he's happy to take them.

“And so the Burning Man Organization will collect all these bikes,” says Graham. “And then they have to distribute them,” he says.

For the last 13 years Reno Bike Project has sold bikes to those headed out to Burning Man.

And then gladly takes the bikes back and rehabs them for burners the next year.

Last Friday he says they broke all sales records.

The following day they set another record.

But he plans ahead, because he knows it's not always this way.

“We are able to generate oh probably close to 20% of our working capital. And I always call this our war chest for winter,” he says.

Keeping his employees going during the winter months, as well as contributing to children's and other charities with bicycles is all made possible through the annual event.

But he is quick to add...the burner bikes are reserved for burners.

Take a look at the bikes that have been cycled through for approximately four years, he says they wouldn't have made it that long without some TLC


Worried the burner bikes will end up in the Truckee River or our local landfill, he also knows local residents may find them in and around their home or neighborhood in the days and weeks to come.

He says he'd be happy to take them off your hands.