Local dispensaries benefit from Burning Man influx

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - This has been a far busier year for dispensaries if compared to last year.

“This weekend was unheard-of busy whereas last year was busy, but we didn’t have moments as busy,” says Kenny Scott, employee at Mynt.
People from all over the world, looking for marijuana products, including drinks, edibles, gummies and chocolates.

“On average we are getting easily 300 to 400 people more a night,” says Kayla Fiore, employee at Mynt.

Not being allowed to consume marijuana at the playa, since it's federal land, hasn’t stopped burners. At Mynt, staff is making sure to educate customers on the dangers of breaking the law.

“As far as it goes, rules are rules, I can’t stress that enough, we can’t do what we do, if we don’t follow the law,” says Scott.

Many burners are already at the playa, but crowds are expected to return for the decompression parties, where they can relax from two weeks of fun.