Brothel owner runs against assistant principal for Assembly seat

Published: Sep. 17, 2018 at 3:35 PM PDT
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It could definitely be considered an unlikely career path: brothel owner

, making a run at the Nevada legislature.

“I’ve owned gas stations, truck stops, all kinds of things. I’ve done very well,” Hof said. “Now I want to give back to the state.”

Hof is known less for owning those gas stations, and much more for owning the Moonlight Bunny Ranch and other brothels around the state.

“I was mad about the commerce tax,” he explained when asked about why he was running. “I was with Tucker Carlson in New York and he said if you are mad then do something about it. Run for office, so here I am.”

It’s not Hof’s first attempt at elected office, but this time he’s running for the Nevada Assembly, and doing it in southern Nevada, saying it was a better opportunity given the population in District 36.

Hof’s Democratic opponent is

, a Clark County assistant principal who ran unopposed in the primary.

“I think they need to look at Nevada and the type of person you want representing Nevada,” she said. “I serve the people, that’s what my profession is, and he serves himself.”

Romanov says she isn’t bothered by the type of business Hof owns, but rather what she says will happen if he wins.

“For the voters, they need to understand that If he is elected, so many people have stated they won’t work with him that its going to be a stalemate,” she explained. “He is not going to get anything done for them, so if they vote for him, they are pretty much throwing out their vote.”

Hof had his own thoughts on his opponent.

“I’m running against an assistant principal who gets $141,000 a year to have the second worst educational system in America,” Hof remarked. “She can’t fix the problem because she is part of the problem.”

Hof is also dealing with backlash in his own party. He’s linked himself with Dean Heller and Adam Laxalt but the two prominent Republican candidates have distanced themselves from him shortly after Hof's primary victory.

“I’m supporting them, even though Heller isn’t supporting me. But that’s okay. We know where he comes from. Laxalt has kept distant. His most recent comment was that I cannot publicly support Dennis. That tells me that he does actually support me he just doesn’t want the Democrats to hang me around his neck.”

The decision to make a run at the Assembly comes after a tumultuous few years for Hof. He was one of a number of Washoe Valley homeowners to lose homes in the Little Valley Fire of 2016.

The next year the Bunny Ranch was damaged when a man drove a truck though the front door. And then as of this month, the former reality TV star is facing allegations of sexual assault, something his campaign says he completely and totally denies, and believes the allegations are politically motivated.

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