Broken sled corral installed at Spooner sled area

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SPOONER SUMMIT, Nev. (KOLO) -- Overnight snow brought people to sledding hills around the region, but after the fun is done a mess is left behind.

"No one wants to see their home trashed, especially when you are in a place as beautiful as Lake Tahoe. I think it really stands out," said Amy Berry, CEO of Tahoe Fund.

Berry, seeing sledding trash as a growing problem, came up with the idea for a sled corral.

"We are hoping that through this that we can clean up the hills but also teach people to take a little better care of Tahoe at the same time," said Berry.

The concept is simple. Four posts are stuck into the snow and wrapped with construction netting. Broken sleds can be put inside and concentrated in one area instead of spread across the hill.

"There is a Take Care sign that says leave your sleds here, take your trash and your memories," said Berry.

The pilot program, only 14 days old, is already showing success. In the first weekend alone enough sleds were collected to fill the entire bed of a pick-up truck.

"So far the success has been great so what we are really hoping to do is test it out here, see how this pilot goes. Make some changes, we are learning every day and then next season be ready to roll this out all across the basin at all the major sled hills," said Berry.

While this is now an option, taking sledding trash home is always the best option.