Fitness program aims to inspire women who survived breast cancer

Published: Nov. 15, 2018 at 9:31 AM PST
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Danielle Murdock first beat breast cancer in 2016.

"After that I tried to get back to my normal life," says Murdock, "I stopped going to the gym and I just did not know what to do. I did not know how to get back to who I was."

Murdock then heard about a local fitness program called "Breast Cancer 2 Bikini," where breast cancer survivors join a free fitness program and participate in a bikini fitness competition.

Breast Cancer 2 Bikini was created in 2015. Jackie Hallerbach, a breast cancer survivor, joined the program when it first launched.

"It was better than any therapy or support group," says Hallerbach, "It was the ability to get out there. The focus was on healing and being whole."

Hallerbach says the workouts were intense.

"It was blood, sweat and tears, but getting to the end you are left with thinking what can't I do?" says Hallerbach.

After participants of the program finish the bikini fitness competition they get their pictures taken, showing where they once had cancer.

"What you are showing is your scars and what you have been through," says Hallerbach, "This was our chance to show our beauty and how we have come to the other side."

The pictures are then revealed to the participants at an exhibit.

Murdock is a part of the Breast Cancer 2 Bikini program this year. She and her group started their journey in April.

"It just gives you purpose, especially after going through treatment."

After two months into the program Murdock was diagnosed with cancer for the second time.

"I started chemotherapy right away," says Murdock,"I was really worried about doing the workouts but I already bonded with these women for 12 weeks. I wanted to be on stage with them."

Murdock pushed through. She continued the fitness program and walked the stage despite going through chemotherapy.

"I feel like I was so defined by cancer and now it is just a little piece of me," says Murdock.

Murdock and her other classmates at the Breast Cancer 2 Bikini Program had their pictures taken and they will be revealed Saturday, November 17, at the Sierra Arts Gallery at 17 S Virginia Street. Doors open at 6 P.M.

The participants have not seen their pictures yet and will see them for the first time with the public. There is no charge to enter, but donations are requested because this program relies on it.

Breast Cancer 2 Bikini teamed up with

, which does not charge the women in the program.

For more information on the organization click