Bishop Manogue student helping those in need

Published: Jul. 16, 2018 at 12:33 AM PDT
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One Bishop Manogue High School student is looking to change how people look at volunteering.

Making time to give back to the community can be difficult for some people, but Matthew De Montfort Shepherd stands out as someone who does just that.

"You don't know how lucky and privileged you are to have the stuff that you have," said Shepherd.

He recently launched a non-profit to help others who may not have as much as he does. It is called Socks of Love.

"It's a way for kids to be able to see an impact and make a big difference in the community," said Shepherd.

The mission is to get students to participate in community service and collect socks and other essential items for people in need.

"Students are really opinionated over politics and how to make the community better. Sometimes instead of suggesting solutions, get out there actually make a difference," said Shepherd.

The group donates to different organizations, one of which is Volunteers of America. Regional Development officer Linda Grace says the group so far has dropped off 1,000 pair of socks, which they can never have too many of.

"Our homeless population is on their feet, they are walking, they are standing constantly. If you only have one or two pair of socks, you may get wet in the winter time and you need to change them out," said Grace.

Socks of Love is in its first year and has 20 members. Shepherd wants expand the nonprofit even further. So far he has five other schools interested.

Peyton Kosman of Galena High School says she was on board when she heard about it.

"Our community needs to be more active and involved in community service and helping others," said Kosman.

Shepherd says this experience has allowed him to see first-hand the issues people are facing.

"We met someone one time when we were donating socks who used to work at Manogue and who just fell on hard times," said Shepherd.

He says that these experiences are the reason why he wants other students in Nevada to join the cause.

"It keeps you humble," said Shepherd.

Shepherd says this upcoming school year, he hopes to have every public school in Reno join Socks of Love. He also is looking to make community service mandatory for every high school student.

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