Big crowds in downtown ring in 2018

RENO, Nev (KOLO) - Along with the fireworks, you could also see arrests in downtown Reno on New Year's Eve.

But this year of the more than 20,000 people who came to ring in the New Year in downtown Reno, only 14 were arrested.

"Didn't happen last night. Earlier at about 2 o'clock the streets started to fill up. And what we noticed was that there were a lot of families coming to downtown. So that may have been a big factor as to why it was so mellow last night. Not to mention working with our partner law enforcement agencies to make sure we had a presence downtown.To let people know we were down there to keep them safe," says Officer Tim Broadway as he points to some possible reasons for the mellow crowd.

Last year there were 13 arrests.

Even though that number is up by 1 from 2017, there were fewer DUIs this year at 7.

Other arrests included: Open container, disturbing the peace, battery, possession of drug paraphenalia and one warrant arrest.

Officer Broadway says a police presence can set a tone in downtown Reno with revelers. But it's not a negative message. He says locals and tourists alike appreciate what officers are trying to do downtown with so many people in one place.

"Regularly get thanks during special events for just being there, and for smiling and for taking pictures with people and taking pictures of people under the arch. So it is really great support we have here in Northern Nevada," said Officer Broadway.

While there were 2 arrests made under the open container law, there was concern about people smoking marijuana in public

New laws concerning the drug went into effect in July. One of those laws strictly forbids smoking pot in public. Law enforcement wasn't so sure the message had gotten out before New Year's Eve.

Apparently revelers understood the ground rules and no arrests were made under the new marijuana statutes.