Biden's big push for support in Northern Nevada

RENO, Nev (KOLO) Vice President Joe Biden spoke to a crowd of about 400 on Monday at Clayton Middle School in Northwest Reno on Monday February 17.

The presidential candidate is hoping the crowd, along with their friends and neighbors will caucus early for him, or go to the actual event on Saturday, February 22 and caucus on his behalf in person.
He said he didn’t do well in Iowa and New Hampshire which was not unexpected.

But he assured the crowd, only 2% of the electorate had voiced their preference, now it was time for others to have their turn.

"You know the reason Nevada is so important and South Carolina which comes next; 99% of Latinos haven't had a chance to speak yet. Nor has the African American Community,” said the former Vice President. “And no democratic president has been elected and able to win, without an overwhelming support from the African American Community as well as the burgeoning Latino community," he said.

Biden talked about pay raises for teachers. That his wife has often said “Any country that out educates us will out compete us.”

With that he told his supporters, he wants to increase pay for teachers and encourage more teachers, nurses, and psychologists to enter our public school system.

He talked about health care.
Obamacare does work. But it can be built upon he told the crowd.
He also took a slight swipe at his opponent who has called for Medicare for all.

"And I have a health care proposal to cover everyone,” he said. “Is affordable. Adds a public option, a Medicare type option. It does not require, anyone who has a private insurance plan must give it up. Bernie has a Medicare for all plan, well intended. But costs over 30 Trillion dollars. When they ask him how much it is really going to cost, he says we'll find out. We don't know. You can't pass things like that,” Biden said.

He talked about gun control. That he believes in the Second Amendment, but that none of our rights is absolute. He says he helped get the Brady Bill passed while in the senate. He says the only industry in this country that cannot be sued is the gun manufacturers.
Biden told the crowd, he and his sons own guns for hunting. He said with duck hunting you can only have three shot gun shells in a rifle at a time. No one should be able to have hundreds of rounds at once, he said.

He went after who he hopes is his opponent after receiving the democratic nomination: President Donald Trump.

Biden said, “It is ironic we are here on President’s Day with a man who is President of the United States, who is unlike any other president we’ve had in modern times. This guy is more George Wallace than George Washington.”

The crowd applauded.

He continued. “We can handle four years of this man and our kids will view it in their history books as an historical aberration. But, 8 years will change the nature of the country we are.”

In a one-on-one interview, I asked if accusations against him by the Trump Administration have left him wounded, or damaged goods, as some voters here in Nevada have told me.

He had this message for those participating in the caucus.

“He didn't ask a foreign leader to dig up dirt, he asked, just say you are going to hold an investigation. But, his sort of Goebbel's method of repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, and It may have some impact. Look at my record. I have never been accused of anything except being completely and thoroughly honorable and honest,” said Biden.

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