Become a 'Seniors in Service' volunteer

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) -- KOLO 8 News Now is shining the spotlight on a Carson City woman who goes above and beyond to help others. Her name is Ceil Jones and she's a Senior Companion Volunteer.

Seniors in Service volunteer Ceil Jones (left) volunteers 30 hours of her time every week to help nine people including Karen Lee (right).

She spends roughly 30 hours a week to help nine other senior citizens. She drives them to places like the grocery store or to doctor's appointments.

Once a week Ceil Jones greets LaVerne Simione and Karen Lee in their apartment lobby. They often go for a drive, or to shop for groceries, but on this day the women made a special visit to a gift shop.

Touched by Angels Home and Garden Shop is filled with trinkets. They inspired some gasps of delight from Laverne and Karen as they browsed through the items.

This is a new experience for LaVerne. "Ceil also knows a lot of different stores and, 'Wow, I've been here a long time.'"

"I need them as much as they need me. It gives me a good sense of feeling that I can do this for them; otherwise I don't know what I would be doing because who wants to work in an office anymore. I don't," said Ceil.

Ceil volunteers her time to help these women. You see LaVerne has a hard time seeing things.

"I enjoy helping her get the stuff off the shelves. She's very particular about expiration dates. So we look at labels," said Ceil.

Karen says Ceil does more than just drive her to the store. She is also her moral support.

"I like that when she takes me to the doctor or for tests, I'm a big baby and she talks with me and helps keep me calm and keeps my mind on other things while I have to go through what I have to do. It's very comforting. She's a very comforting person," said Karen.

Ceil says as she is supporting Karen or any of the other nine people she serves she's getting something in return.

"It makes me feel good. It's not just the shopping. Sometimes they ask for your advice. You're a doctor to them. You're a shoulder to cry on," said Ceil.

Ceil says her heart is full when she serves.

"I'm just happy and grateful for Ceil," said LaVerne.

"I think anybody that's able to volunteer, they would be very much appreciated," said Karen.

Right now there are 160 volunteers like Ceil who serve in the Seniors in Service program and there is a need for more.

If you would like to volunteer to help seniors in need or if you would like to visit schools to help children in the classroom call 775-358-2322.