Battle underway over proposed development in Lemmon Valley

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- The barriers are still standing between Swan Lake and Lemmon Drive after winter flooding. But now, some Lemmon Valley residents want to put a barrier around a proposed development.

"What makes you guys more important than us that have been here for more than 40 years? Money! Exactly," said a concerned resident.

"This is affecting the whole valley," said Rick Snow, Lemmon Valley resident.

Residents voiced their concerns Thursday night over a proposed development that would bring single-family housing, two multi-family developments and 200 acres of industrial manufacturing to the area south of Swan Lake.

"We see it as a much bigger benefit than a lot of folks may be seeing at the surface," said Greg Lansing, President of Lansing Companies.

Lansing says the company doesn't want to add to the flooding problem, so it is looking to buy 700 acres and donate around 300 acres as permanent open space for water storage.

But some people are worried about negative impacts of the project, such as traffic, sewage and flooding.

"We all know that these storms are getting big; this was a record year for us. They need to add more mitigation because it's not going to be sufficient," said Snow.

"We have jobs that we can barely keep because of the traffic situation,” said another concerned resident.

"We think we are actually adding a benefit to some of the concerns that people do bring up," said Lansing.

He says the project over time will generate a couple thousand jobs in the valley, so people wouldn't have to commute. He also says the company is working toward building affordable housing and is willing to work with local agencies to improve infrastructure.

Residents are aware of the benefits, but some are frustrated that existing problems haven't been taken care of.

"We have no home. My horse has been boarded for more than seven months. We still don't have answers, but all of these government entities want to build, build, build," said a concerned resident.

This proposed development is in the early stages and isn't expected to go before the City of Reno until later this year.