Basketball fans boost business at sports books

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RENO, Nev. - (KOLO) For one group of basketball fans, the Atlantis Sports Book is the place to spend the first four days of the NCAA tournament. They've been cheering on their teams from the same table for the last four years.

"Four years ago we trashed my house and my wife kicked us out," said Ryan Hildebrand of Seattle. "She said you're never again having March Madness at my house, you need to leave, and I was like okay, we're leaving so now we're here."

It's an extended weekend where a group of friends from all over the region can get together and spend all day watching the games.

"We have a few from California, a few from Washington, when you get us all together it's about fourteen, it's a good crew," said Kyle Wallace of North Bend, Washington. "Besides Christmas and the birth of my children this is the most exciting moment of the year for me for sure."

There's a schedule to follow.

"We watch basketball for twelve hours, then we party for another four, then we sleep for another four, then we get up and do it all over again," Hildebrand said.

They've come up with a jingle to commemorate their time here; the video is attached to this story.