"Barn find" collector cars: Proof they're not a myth

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Car collectors come to events like the MAG Auctions at this year's Hot August Nights in pursuit of something they don't have.

It's the easy way to find it.

But, just like art collectors dreaming of finding a masterpiece in someone's attic or coin collectors obsessively chcking their pocket change, secretly they all have harbored a dream of finding a desirable car, long neglected and forgotten, hidden away just waitng to be discovered. A barn find.

This year's auction featues two examples, both Corvettes.

Butch Bockmier brought a 1965 Corvette Roadster.

"The car came out of an estate in the Seattle area. The previous owner, we believe, owned the car for over 50 years. It was an absolute barn find. We had to weed through the cobwebs to get to it."

The '64 coupe sitting next to it in a special display area sat in a Placerville garage for 40 years until a friend of a friend told Corvette enthusiast Doug O'Dell about it.

"A barn find is a rare find," he says. "Whenever you find a Corvette or something cool in a bar, you've got to buy it."

Both cars are shown here and will be sold in pretty much the same condition they were found. The dust and cobwebs have been wiped away, but that's all. It's unknown if either is in running condition, but there's lot to interest potential buyers.

Both are genuine discoveries, but in finding the '64 coupe O'Dell has unearthed a piece of automotive history,

"Named "The Plastic Trip", it was twice a winner at the prestigious Oakland Roadster Show.

Modified and painted by noted customizer Art Himsl, the metal flake paint job shows some of the wear and tear of all those years. O'Dell hasn't attempted to hide it. He's had a layer of new clear coat put over the old paint to arrest the deteroration, but leave it visible.

He hopes whoever buys it will leave it that way..

"I believe that someone will buy this car as a piece of history. It's like a George Barris car. Art Himsl has the same sort of reputation as George Barris. Like a Picasso."

Both cars have now been brought into the light and will now find new owners.

They also give car people everywhere new hope and evidence that the mythic barn find still exists.