Barbie debuts new judge dolls, hopes to inspire girls to pursue careers in law

Mattel introduces 'Judge Barbie' doll. (Source: Mattel via CNN)

(CNN/Gray News) - Mattel is introducing Judge Barbie, complete with a traditional black robe and tiny gavel. She has a lacy white collar that looks a lot like the one Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg wears.

The doll comes in four different skin tones with four hairstyles.

She's part of the "Career of the Year" line that has a mission to inspire girls.

The global head of the Barbie brand, Lisa McKnight, said only about a third of sitting U.S. state judges are women. She hopes the new doll will inspire girls to eventually increase that number.

She wants girls playing with the dolls to envision themselves protecting the rights of others.

It's part of an effort by Barbie and GoFundMe to "close the Dream Gap" between men and women through donations to various charities and inspiration through play.

Last year, Barbie partnered with Tynker to create a robotics engineer doll for its "Career of the Year" line.

The judge doll sells for about $13.

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