Back to school driving safety

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - As students head back to school, drivers should allow themselves extra time on the roads. According to the Washoe County School District (WCSD) Sky Ranch Middle School floods with around 300 to 400 cars during school peak hours.

According to WCSD Safety Officer MJ Cloud, the school is surrounded by roundabouts and active construction sites.

Officer Cloud suggests talking with your child about pin-pointing pick up and drop off sites near the school.

She said the fewer the cars in the school zone, the less risk of a car pedestrian accident. Officer Cloud is urging parents to be extra vigilant when driving around a school, especially during peak hours.

Officer Cloud said, “One of the number one things about getting to school safely is leaving your house early, if parents can leave early then they are going to have the time to slow down, make the stops at the stop signs, and notice.” She also said to follow the speed limit and heed warnings of cross guards.

“Washoe County has three new schools that have opened up and there’s been, safety improvement projects at all of them, there have been pedestrian activated flashers put in, new sidewalk put in, that is providing a safe route for students to get in from school,” said Officer Cloud.

She continued, “If people just avoid driving and allow students to walk, then you’re going to be able to avoid all of the congestion in general.”

According to AAA research shows the most dangerous times for students is after school. AAA offers tips on how to reduce child pedestrian fatalities and injuries.

1. Slow down
2. Eliminate distractions
3. Reverse responsibly
4. Watch for bicycles

Officer Cloud also suggests parents drive or walk the route during the weekend to get to know the school zone and area better.

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