"Bachelor" episode increases tourism around Lake Tahoe

Published: Feb. 20, 2018 at 11:31 AM PST
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A handful of locations featured on an episode of "The Bachelor" has businesses seeing an increase in traffic and overall interest.

Michelle Wickham is a big fan of the show and says she booked her flight to Reno-Tahoe International Airport within hours of seeing the episode.

“I’m a huge Bachelor fan and watch every episode, and I recently met some friends from Reno, and then when I watched 'The Bachelor,' I saw that Lake Tahoe was featured on there, and I saw that it was just gorgeous and there was an awesome lake and scenery, and I just wanted to come and check it out,” she says.

The Senior Manager for Tahoe Cruises and Zephyr Cove Resort, Juraje Sojka, says he was surprised when scouts from the show approached him. He says the national attention has been well-received.

“Well, we’ve noticed a spike in interest about our marina and about parasailing because they did parasailing on the episode and it’s a main attraction that people got interested in, of course,” Sojka says.

Alisa Mirabal is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the Hard Rock Hotel, and says guests can now book their stay with the ultimate bachelor experience.

“We’ve had numerous people book our bachelor package where you can stay in the suite he stayed in, and so that’s really what we’re getting now is people walking by and going, oh my gosh, that is exactly the restaurant," Mirabal says.

Bryan Davis of Edgewood Tahoe says he saw a huge spike in interest when the show aired.

“I started noticing more signups to our email newsletter, and then after that we ended up with a big spike throughout our entire show, and then social media tags were also starting to come in for Edgewood Tahoe, and people were recognizing that we were part of the show, so we saw an uptick in that,” Davis says.

Kelly Ross of Camp Richardson Corral says the interest in horseback riding tours has gone up as well, but they won't open until the weather warms up.

"A lot of people have been messaging, and we had a lot of people follow us on social media, and they recognize the place and some people were even trying to figure out which stable it was, so it’s cool that they recognized Camp Rich Corral,” Ross says.

Bob McIntyre owns the house where the Rose Ceremony was shot, and says it was a great experience working with the crew and that people are recognizing the 17-bedroom home featured in the episode.

“It’s not a bad little thing to mention, you know, especially if you want to have a little rose ceremony of your own,” McIntyre says.

Sharom Womack at Valhalla Tahoe says this wedding season is nearly booked, but guests can experience all it has to offer this summer.

“Which features theater performances, musical performances, artists and resident, you name it and we feature it during the summer months,” Romack says.

One of the best-kept secrets, The Hideout, is where the cast hiked to a secret hot tub location in the woods. Josh Hoover's family owns and operates The Hideout and says more people are asking about this hidden gem in the woods.

“You know they came in and hiked in from out of the woods and fount a hot tub in the forest… not a whole more you can bring to that,” Hoover says.