Baby gear trade in event runs through monday in Reno

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Now through Monday, you can bring in old, unwanted and potentially unsafe baby gear and furniture into Babies “R” Us and get a 25% discount on a new replacement.

“With technology changing there is always new safety standards,” said store manager John Beringhelli. “So it allows us to get the old things off the marketplace and replace them with newer safer options for them.”

The items can be decades old and don’t have to have been purchased at a babies r us.

The most common form of equipment misuse is using the wrong car seat for a child’s age and weight

Kid sitting safe dot com reports that using the correct car seat reduces the risk for deaths to infants in vehicles by over 70 percent… and safe ride kids dot come reports the most mistake parents make with equipment is using the wrong car seat for a child’s age and weight

Sabrina carter is expecting her second child soon, and says there’s one outdated item that she needs to replace.

“It’s very helpful, for the simple fact that my oldest will be 11 this year and I am 8 months pregnant,” said Carter. “I think switching out to newer and more affordable better and sufficient things is always a good thing.”

When asked which item she feels it is worth spending extra money on, Carter made her opinion clear.

“The monitors, because now they are just more sufficient. Back in the day they didn’t do much good because I sleep through it,” she said. “Now with a camera on it I can look to make sure she is ok, it’s just so much better.”

The trade in event runs through Monday at the Babies “R” Us, which is located next to the Walmart on Kietzke Lane in Reno.