BLM officials encouraging day-only recreation for holiday weekend

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - BLM officials said overnight camping is allowed, but they’re encouraging people to recreate for day use only ahead of Memorial Day weekend. During the pandemic officials are encouraging people to limit their stay to avoid overcrowding.

Lisa Ross said, “The BLM encourages people to enjoy their public lands, but maybe during this time consider day use instead of overnight camping."

Officials said they’re expecting more people to recreate on BLM land since Nevada State parks remain closed for overnight use.

Ross said, "Many areas will be very busy and more crowded than usual during the holiday weekend because of the current situation. We are also encouraging people to stay local.”

If you do recreate, Ross said to follow local, state, and CDC guidelines. Visitors should practice social distancing, limit their group to 10 or less people, wash their hands, bring their own cleaning supplies, and pack their trash.

Ross said visitors should also pay attention to fire restrictions before starting a campfire and to let others know of your location in case you get lost or injured.

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