NV AG ready to lead sexual harassment task force

Published: Jan. 14, 2019 at 11:29 PM PST
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New Governor Steve Sisolak signed his first executive order, establishing the

, January 7, 2019, right after being sworn into office.

The task force will review federal and state sexual harassment laws, regulations, and policies. It will also review prevention plans and the training in place now.

The task force will offer recommendations to the Governor to improve prevention plans and training procedures, allegation reporting and investigation protocol, and privacy protection safeguards, as well as models for policies, procedures, and training within the executive branch agencies.

New Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford will chair the task force.

A 2018 national study conducted by Stop Street Harassment found 81 percent of women and 43 percent of men had experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault in their lifetimes.

Ford says all you have to do is read the headlines to understand why this task force is needed.

“We know what’s happening and what has been happening for years at this point. It’s high past time for us to address this issue.”

The 11-member team will get to work on its mission by researching the different policies of agencies across the state.

“We want to be deliberate about this. We want to think about this. We want to be able again draw on the experiences and expertise from all the eleven members of this task force to ensure that we have an opportunity to promulgate policies that are going to be the gold standard for rest of this nation.”

Ford adds the team doesn’t plan on just having conversations.

“But more than research and talks, we are going to have some action associated with this. This isn’t just an opportunity for us to get together and wax poetically and theorize. “

The rest of the task force members are expected to be announced Friday.