Atlantis uses new technology to save water

Published: Jan. 9, 2018 at 8:38 PM PST
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Atlantis Casino Resort Spa has launched a partnership with Israeli Water Tech Company, WINT, and WaterStart, a water technology incubator based out of Las Vegas. The pilot project has Atlantis using WINT's smart meter technology that uses pattern recognition and algorithms to analyze water flow to cut water costs and help prevent costly water damage.

"This is the first in Reno, it's a first in Nevada, it's a first in the United States," says Perry Sanders, Director of Facilities at Monarch Casinos, who oversees the facilities at Atlantis. "This is literally cutting edge technology that hasn't been tried in the U.S. or Europe yet."

Workers outfitted Atlantis with about two dozen of the smart meters a month ago. Sanders says once the meters are installed, they run an algorithm for 90 days to understand the property's usage patterns. After that, if the meters notice anything out of the ordinary, engineers are notified instantly.

"We get an alert to our phone, where anything outside of our normal usage, albeit a leak, maybe somebody has left a tap running, so we can immediately respond and conserve our water," says Sanders, who estimates the setup will help Atlantis cut down on their water usage by at least 30 percent. He says the savings will add up. "We're looking at $100,000 a year."

The deal was reached between Nevada's WaterStart public-private joint venture and Israel's National Technological Innovation Authority. WaterStart says it paves the way for Israeli water technologies to eventually set up research and production facilities in the state of Nevada.