Sierra Army Depot in Herlong offers inside look

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HERLONG, Calif. - (KOLO) At the Sierra Army Depot in Herlong, California, north of Reno, what looks like peaceful place is home to items from not so peaceful times.

United States Army, Photo Date: June 29, 2018 / Photo: Andrea Salgado Rivera / US Army / (MGN)

“We store approximately 29k pieces of equipment, about 12 billion dollars worth,” says Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Johnson.

Among storing equipment, the facility has 1400 workers; 1200 of them are civilians. They work every day to give items of the past, meaning in the future.

“We save the Army and the government 3 quarters of a million dollars just by doing the work we do here,” says Donald Olson, deputy to the commander. "Our focus on now is the re-utilization of excess equipment, what would be previously thrown out cost saving to the army, cost saving to the government, cost saving to the nation," he says.

Donald has retired from the Army, but he isn’t done serving and protecting soldiers’ lives.

“Previously we would’ve thrown stuff away and bought new, just like the plates, thrown them away, don’t do that, we will get it back to the soldier and provide the same readiness,” he says.

Thanks to the work done here, plates that would’ve cost taxpayers 500 dollars, now cost 50. The 36 square miles of mostly open land preserves not only equipment, but history and pride.

“I am so happy to be serving this country I am so happy,” says Katana Barton, employee at Sierra Army Depot.