American Wild Horse Campaign protests 'Horse Rich, Dirt Poor' film

Published: Oct. 23, 2019 at 8:56 PM PDT
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Wild horses on the Virginia Range in Northern Nevada continues to be an issue sparking controversy. The American Wild Horse Campaign challenges the message in the film, "Horse Rich, Dirt Poor" that aired on October 23 at the Nevada Museum of Art.

"The horses are the victim of a propaganda campaign to convince the American public that they're over-populating so that the American public and Congress will support the mass removal from public lands," Suzanne Roy, executive director of the American Wild Horse Campaign, says.

The future of the horses could be determined by legislation currently making its way through Congress. The legislation would removed up to 75 percent of the animals and place them in government-run facilities. Mares left on the range would be placed on birth control.

Roy says the information in the film is misleading.

"That is false, that is fake news, you've heard from the experts today but it's the narrative that is being advanced to get funding to remove massive numbers of horses," she says.

Rebekah Stetson organized the forum and says the goal is to solely provide information and encourage constituents to push elected officials to take action.

"We are not in favor or against the legislation, we are just here to educate and give people an opportunity to then make a formulated idea," Stetson says.

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