American Red Cross helping family after house fire

Published: Feb. 21, 2019 at 10:26 PM PST
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A home on Maddux Drive in Reno sustained major damage after

and now the American Red Cross is working to return hope back to the eight-person family now displaced.

“It’s a tragic event and it’s something you don’t forget,” says American Red Cross volunteer Lelia Cameron.

Cameron, who has dealt with her own home catching fire, says organization volunteers like herself get called to emergencies by the first responders on scene.

The first thing they do is make sure the victims are safe and don’t have any immediate medical needs.

“After that American Red Cross gives them a gift from the American people if needed. We get mental health for them, assistance in finding furniture, things of that nature. And if necessary we give them a financial aid.”

The volunteers ask the displaced families if they have an alternative place to go. If they don’t, the organization assists them in finding a place to live for a few days.

“No houses but a temporary place to stay such as a motel or something like that.”

After the families have been assessed and housed in the next few days American Red Cross volunteers will focus on more permanent solutions.

“We look in to other assistance through our social workers or our counselors to find them other housing.”

Cameron is one of the many local American Red Cross volunteers. She adds the organization is well known for its efforts in big disasters, but adds responding to single family emergencies isn’t abnormal.

“No we do respond to apartment fires, hotel fires, home fires.”

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer,