New details emerge in Oxycodone ring investigation

Dr. Robert Gene Rand's booking photos.

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - More details in an Oxycodone ring in Reno, exposed by federal investigators and broken up the afternoon of April 28, 2016 after serving several search warrants. A total of 8 defendants appeared in court April 29. Richie West, the alleged leader of the group, is the only defendant to remain in custody.

May 2, the investigation into the Oxycodone case turned to San Francisco, where the doctor accused of being the supplier made his first court appearance. Dr. Robert Rand was arrested April 29 in San Francisco while returning to Reno from Hawaii.

Rand made an appearance in federal court, where his attorney asked he be released. Dr. Robert Rand's request to be released from federal custody was denied by a San Francisco Magistrate. Instead the hearing was continued until May 6.

Once in Reno, he will face a myriad of charges including conspiracy to distribute and possession with the intent to distribute controlled substances, in this case oxycodone.

Another charge, distributing a controlled substance resulting in death.

We have learned the deceased is 33-year-old Michael Yenick, who died of an overdose of alcohol and oxycodone in October 2015.
Federal authorities say Dr. Rand over-prescribed the pain killer and did not supervise Yenick's care.

Federal agents raided Dr. Rand's office looking for further evidence to bolster their case.

On the Rand Family Care website, Dr. Rand claims his practice stands out because of its ability to "work up" and treat patients. He goes on to say he offers a number of treatment options for pain patients including nerve blocks, cold laser, natural medicine, and finally he says the use of prescription pain medicine.

According to prosecutors, under Dr. Rand and co-defendant Richie West's direction, the practice set up a prescription-of-the-month program. Prosecutors say patients had to only see the doctor once, then pick up their month's supply of oxycodone without ever having to see Rand again.

Reno attorney William Jenney says he will file a wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Robert Rand on behalf of Michael Yenick’s family.