Adding insult to injury. Lemmon Valley couple suffers one more loss

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LEMMON VALLEY, NV (KOLO) Linda Walls and her husband Mike have every reason to be discouraged.

They moved into their home on Pompe Lane in Lemmon Valley 37 years ago, retired and intended,to never move. The winter of 2017 changed all that.

"It was like an ocean," Linda says of the rising waters of Swan Lake/. "We didn't have much time to get out of here. It just kept coming and it was getting deeper and deeper. We had to put our valuables in the back of the truck and leave."

Their home was left unliveable.

"Our septic tank wouldn't work. We couldn't have power, couldn't have heat, nothing. We couldn't live here."

So, they moved into a 5th wheel trailer on higher ground and--along with others--filed a lawsuit against the city alleging planning decisions and the dumping of sewage effluent into Swan Lake, combined with unusual weather had created the flooding. But the legal case has moved at a snail's pace.

They won the lawsuit. The city appealed, but the state Supreme Court upheld the verdict and that sent the case back to the local court to decide the damage amount.

That trial is still a year away and that's left the retired couple in limbo unable to move on.

They check their former home twice a day and over the holidays discovered someone had broken in the doors to the garage and shed, taking what little was left of value.

Earlier setbacks had already taken much from them. This loss wasn't huge. It was just one more insult.

"I couldn't believe it," says Linda.. "I mean here we are, a mess here and someone breaks in. I don't get it. Just pile it on."