New school planned for South Meadows needs a name

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - It's just a rough construction site at the east end of South Meadows Parkway today, but a new development is being built there and among the homes will be a new elementary school, one of the first made possible by passage of the WC-1 ballot question.

The new school will need a name and the process to come up with one is just beginning. A naming committee will eventually make a recommendation to the school board, but right now they're asking for ideas from the public.

"The important thing is this is a community building," says School Trustee Veronica Frenkel, who represents this area.."This is a community legacy. This school is the community school. It's not the board of trustees picking a name out of a list. We want the community to be involved and this is a great process by which we can allow for that to happen."

It can be a person living or dead, but no current elected official or one who has served in the past two years. Or it can be the name of the development or neighborhood.

Frenkel says the district is open to ideas, which can be submitted through the district’s website.

The final decision is up to the School Board. The school will open in 2019.