A magical birthday surprise

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RENO, Nev. - (KOLO) Drake Krainbrink celebrated his tenth birthday with a magic show at Impossibles Magic Shop & Theatre on Saturday. But in the audience, someone was notably absent - his father Benjamin, a First Sergeant in the Nevada Army Guard. But Drake, his brother Zach, and most of the people here were in for a surprise. When magician Justin Impossible disappeared behind a curtain, Benjamin appeared onstage to greet his sons.

Krainbrink has been deployed overseas for the last year and this birthday surprise has been in the works for months.

"I was super excited, I wasn't sure what kind of reaction I was going to get out of the birthday boy, Drake," he said. "I knew Zach was going to be super excited, I almost thought drake was going to say dad, get out of the way you're ruining my show! But getting to see them and the rest of my family was really wonderful."

He's been practicing the act with the magician.

"The biggest thing was doing it quickly and quietly, he's a lot more stealthy than I am," Krainbrink said.

"I get a lot of special requests for birthday parties; this was the first one with hey, I want you to produce my significant other," Impossible said. "The reunion was special because he's been away for so long and for the service he does, that was really special."

This was Krainbrink's third deployment with the Guard. He's been serving his country for two decades. Now that he's back, he's looking forward to some of the things he's missed.

"My wife's cooking. Spending quality time with family and friends I've missed over the last year," he said.

It's a birthday this family will likely never forget.

"It was fun, thanks Justin!" Drake said.