A Doggies Dream reopens after flu forces temporary closure

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Five-year-old Malamute Zangy is anxious to get to daycare. His mom Kelly Corral says he goes to A Doggies Dream a couple times a week, and he really missed his friends.

The facility had been closed for the previous 10 days after the dog flu proved too much to control while the pets were there every day.

“I think it was the right thing to do. Close down and try to stop the spread,” says Corral.

More than ten says ago, staff members used a bleach and water solution on every surface. Towels and dog dishes were sanitized.

“Clean everything, and make sure our dog was safe. And the staff having to take time off and not get paid, that was a huge decision,” says customer Bonnie Harris.

One of those workers is groomer Heather Spieler. Many of the dogs went to see her on opening day. She says just the nature of the dog flu made it impossible to contain.

“We disinfect our clippers and our scissors and our tables, after each dog. But it is airborne,” says Spieler.

Donated Doughboy Donuts and Purple Bean Coffee greeted customers who returned to A Doggies Dream.

The owner says it’s been a learning experience in terms of educating themselves and their clients.

“So many people are still like, really, dogs get the flu? And we did what we felt was right to try and help break the cycle and going forward we have things in place. If a dog get sick to get up isolation tents, things like that,” says Jack Owens, owner of A Doggies Dream.

Owens says he will start requiring dogs at this daycare to have a flu shot by March 31. Don’t be surprised if your groomer, daycare or boarder starts to require proof of the flu shot. It’s a series of two shots that will take a full six weeks for your dog to have full immunity.