Job fair set for new strip club in Reno

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Nevada’s jobless rate tops the nation at 14%. Businesses are still coming to Reno, but there’s a lot of competition for jobs. One of them is the Penthouse Reno.

"The renovation is going to be totally different from Goldfingers,” Penthouse General Manager Gary Osman said. “That name is no longer in existence. We're fully licensed through Penthouse and so we will be known as Penthouse Reno."

Osman said this will not be a typical strip club. It will also feature different acts for the audience.

“When you come in,” Osman explained, “there’s gonna be something new everyday. So when you leave our establishment, you’re going to be talking about if for days and days.”

But before they can open in September, they need to fill the positions. They are hiring more than 200 full-time positions. Not just dancers, but bartenders, kitchen staff and bookkeepers.

Folks we spoke to at the job fair said they are looking for ways to supplement their income. One woman already has a job at a casino and is going to school for hotel management. She said she one day wants to manage a club.

"I started working in the nightlife business when I was 19 and I've always been so interested. It's an industry that will never go dead, like other careers. It's something I'm passionate about. I love customer experience, I love music, dancing. It's an awesome field."

"I have two jobs,” Chris Lavin said. “I work for my dad, he owns a furniture store in Carson City, so I do that and then, I work for a health company but it's an at-home job."

If folks missed the job fair on Sunday, there is another one Monday. It starts at 11 am at the Hyatt Place on East Plumb Lane. They ask applicants to bring a resume if possible.