86 homes to be built at Miramonte Development in Sparks

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SPARKS, Nev. (KOLO) The Miramonte Development in Sparks is adding 86 homes. This comes after the Sparks City Council voted unanimously to approve the addition.

"It just adds 86 lots into our inventory for single family residences," Jon Ericson, city engineer, said.

In 2005 the city approved a tentative map for the development for about 900 lots. So far, 594 homes have been built in the area.

"They do a final map which actually creates the lot, which then allows the developer to construct the home," Ericson said.

The new homes will be built at the end of Skystone Drive.

"The developers today are being very cautious with regards to constructing single-family homes so as folks start looking at and purchasing homes, you know they start to construct them when people basically order a home," he said.

Ericson said there is a need for more single-family homes in Sparks.

"There isn't a lot of inventory sitting out there with respect to single-family residences just due to the fact that they are first come, first serve basically as people order or purchase the home, then they construct them," he said.

There is still more to come, but there is not yet a completion date.

"There will be about 300 approximately remaining tentative map lots that could potentially come in as a final map and so those lots would be constructed in the future," he said.

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