70 Nevada Army Guard Soldiers deploying to Poland

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) The Nevada Army Guard's 757th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion is deploying 70 soldiers to Poland. The soldiers will be supporting "Operation Atlantic Resolve."

"That is what the military does, we are just one component of the whole government approach to any conflict or catastrophe or any issues worldwide," Brigadier General, Zachary Doser, said.

Some soldiers are leaving their loved ones for the first time.

"I just had a kid born a month ago so it's pretty big, but we kind of look at it positively, how it's going to help us so everybody understands as long as we're on the same page, it's a good sacrifice I think," Lieutenant Christopher Bonilla, said.

The Reese family is also preparing for mom and wife, Shauna's, first deployment.

"It's definitely a sacrifice, I guess you just take it day by day, I don't know how you can really prepare for it. They're going over there and we're all going to miss them but we will carry on," Chad Reese, Shauna's husband, said.

Shauna said these soldiers are like her second family.

"There's feelings all over," she said. "I'm nervous, excited and I'm excited to start this journey and I'm going to miss the kids as well, my family my husband."

As difficult as it is to stay goodbye, these soldiers are eager to serve.

"The world is a dangerous place, the events of the last two days have shown that and we are committed to ensuring national security, first and foremost, protection of our United States citizens, protections of our interests worldwide, our allies and partners," Doser said.

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