How local doctors are fighting Covid-19

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - They are the first to fight during this pandemic.... doctors, nurses and other health care workers are coming to grips on how take care of patients while taking care of themselves.

"I think what we don't know is how this will affect people in the future," said Dr. Magrini. "I think focusing on keeping people mentally sound and safe while caring for these critically ill patients is really important."

Dr. Amanda Magrini is a medical doctor and the president-elect of the Nevada Academy of Family Physicians.

The foundation promotes the needs of primary care physicians and family medicine across the silver state.

"So it's been a little bit crazy,of course with all the Covid things and people being hesitant to come into the offices," explained Dr. Magrini. "We're advocating for patients to be seen in a way that's safest for them, like curbside visits, drive thru visits."

Dr. Magrini said to consider using the Telehealth system, which is easily accessed online in an effort to reduce overcrowding at hospitals while

"We are trying to keep the strain off the emergency rooms and reserve the rooms for the sickest patients have been a big push," added Dr. Magrini.

Another big push? Reducing physician burnout....

"There have been lots of organizations stepping forward," said Dr. Magrini. "One of the resources made available for free to physicians and providers or healthcare network has been Headspace which is a meditation and mindfulness which you can download on your smart phone or tablet."

Dr. Magrini said while the mental health effect of this outbreak is unclear, what is transparent is the outpouring support from patients and those in our community.

"It's been really amazing and touching to see people making masks and people donating masks and all of those thing," explained Dr. Magrini. "It's been amazing to see how our community has stepped up to help those of us on the front lines fighting this."

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