Council votes to appeal Lemmon Valley ruling, votes against moratorium

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RENO, NV. (KOLO) Two key decisions have been made by the Reno City Council regarding the Lemmon Valley flooding situation.

The Reno City Council has voted to appeal the recent ruling holding them liable for flooding damages.

The appeal will go to the Nevada Supreme Court for a writ of mandamus, which is a legal order to correct an abuse of discretion.
All of the council approved the idea except for Mayor Schieve and Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus.

City attorney Karl Hall says their belief is not everyone in the lawsuit was actually affected, and that would impact damages.

The council meeting was also packed with Lemmon Valley residents eager to voice their concern over new housing developments in the area. Dozens of residents, like Tim Fadda called for a total moratorium.

“We need a moratorium on all construction in the north valleys area until we can get proper storm drain runoff,” Fadda remarked during public comment.

But the council voted against the moratorium.

The majority of the council feels there is a critical housing shortage, and that developments can be addressed on a case by case basis. The council emphasized that they will monitor projected water flows if and when developments are approved.