List of victims released in Route 91 Music Festival massacre

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LAS VEGAS (KOLO) - The Clark County Coroner’s Office has released the official list of decedents from the Oct. 1 shooting incident at a music festival on the Las Vegas Strip.

Families are asked to contact the Family Information Center located at 1704 Pinto Lane in Las Vegas if they need help with the coroner's processes. It is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, the office said. There is also a hotline at 702-455-4281. The hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily until further notice.

Shooter Stephen Paddock, born May 9, 1953, killed himself on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. A list of his victims:

Decedent             ​DOB       ​Gender

​Ahlers, Hannah Lassette ​6/2/1983             ​Female

​Alvarado, Heather Lorraine           ​9/20/1982​​           ​Female

​Anderson, Dorene            ​4/16/1968           ​Female

​Barnette, Carrie Rae        ​12/16/1982         ​Female

​Beaton, Jack Reginald     ​12/10/1962         ​Male

​Berger, Stephen Richard ​9/30/1973           ​Male

​Bowers, Candice Ryan     ​8/10/1977           ​Female

Burditus, Denise​ ​6/5/1967             ​Female

​Casey, Sandra     ​11/1/1982           ​Female

​Castilla, Andrea Lee Anna              ​9/29/1989           ​Female

​Cohen, Denise    ​8/2/1959             ​Female

​Davis, Austin William       ​6/20/1988           ​Male

​Day Jr., Thomas ​10/29/1962         ​Male

​Duarte, Christiana            ​8/7/1995             ​​Female

​Etcheber, Stacee Ann      ​2/26/1967           ​Female

​Fraser, Brian S.   ​8/20/1978           ​Male

​Galvan, Keri        ​8/20/1986           ​Female

​Gardner, Dana Leann       ​7/6/1965             ​Female

​Gomez, Angela C.             ​12/26/1996         ​Female

​Guillen, Rocio     ​12/20/1976         ​Female

​Hartfield, Charleston       ​5/16/1983           ​Male

​Hazencomb, Christopher               ​9/27/1973           ​Male

​Irvine, Jennifer Topaz      ​6/6/1975             ​Female

​Kimura, Teresa Nicol       ​3/24/1979           ​Female

​Klymchuk, Jessica             ​5/1/1983             ​Female

​Kreibaum, Carly Anne      ​12/9/1983           ​Female

​LeRocque, Rhonda M.     ​8/29/1975           ​Female

​Link, Victor L.     ​9/7/1962             ​Male

​Mclldoon, Jordan             ​10/6/1993           ​Male

​Meadows, Kelsey Breanne            ​6/26/1989           ​Female

Medig, Calla-Mar​ie          8/8/1989             Female

​​​Melton, James   8/2/1988             Male

​Mestas, Patricia ​7/25/1950           ​Female

​Meyer, Austin Cooper     ​​9/18/1993           ​Male

​​Murfitt, Adrian Allan        7/5/1982             Male

​​Parker, Rachael Kathleen               12/16/1983         ​Female

​Parks, Jennifer    1/18/1981           ​Female

​Parsons, Carolyn Lee       ​12/28/1985         ​Female

​Patterson, Lisa Marie      ​6/26/1971           ​Female

​Phippen, John Joseph      ​​10/25/1960         ​​Male

​Ramirez, Melissa V.          ​11/29/1990         ​Female

Rivera, Jordyn N.              ​7/22/1996           ​Female

​​Robbins, Quinton              ​3/21/1997           ​Male

​Robinson, Cameron​         1/1/1989             ​Male

​​Roe, Tara Ann    9/1/1983             ​​Female

Romero-Muniz, Lisa         ​​5/19/1969           ​Female

​Roybal, Christopher Louis              10/9/1988           ​​Male

​Schwanbeck, Brett           1/31/1956           Male​

​Schweitzer, Bailey            ​4/5/1997             ​Female

​Shipp, Laura Anne             ​5/9/1967             ​Female

​Silva, Erick​           8/19/1996           Male

​Smith, Susan       ​8/24/1964           ​Female

Stewart, Brennan Lee      2/19/1987           ​Male

​Taylor, Derrick Dean        ​9/25/1961           Male

​Tonks, Neysa C. 7/27/1971           Female

​​Vo, Michelle       ​1/10/1985           Female

Von Tillow, Kurt Allen      12/4/1961           ​Male

​Wolfe Jr., William W.      ​​10/15/1974         ​Male