4,300 acre industrial park coming to Fernley could bring 10,000 jobs

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FERNLEY, NV (KOLO) A real estate company has acquired 4,300 acres of land for a master planned development in East Fernley.

An announcement was made in Fernley on July 16, 2019 about the new industrial park.

“We are looking to build out 7.5 million sq. feet of industrial space in our first phase,” Said Evan Slavik, President of Real Estate for Mark IV Capital.

The company has made the second largest land purchase in Nevada history, behind last year’s Blockchains LLC deal.

The company says, there will be a transload facility next to the railroad, featuring industrial, manufacturing, and commercial buildings.

All of this is expected to bring jobs – and plenty of them. Ten thousand direct and indirect jobs are expected as a result of the industrial park.

“We are talking about thousands of jobs,” said EDAWN CEO Mike Kazmierski. “Advanced manufacturing jobs with wages that continue to go up.”

But all these jobs bring a big concern.

“Growth is sometimes a double edged sword so we have to make sure it’s planned appropriately,” said Fernley City Manager Daphne Hooper, who says 60% of locals leave town to work, and hopes this will reduce that number.

“Housing is a big deal,” said Kazmierski. “We have lagged on the housing and we continue to lag. We have talked with Mark IV about how to take a portion of this and provide for affordable housing in the region.”

Phase one of construction will begin in 2020 and will continue for about seven years.

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