2-year-old waits by window to see favorite mail carrier

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CASPER, Wyo. (KCWY) -- Since last November, two-year-old Emzlee Gothard has waited patiently at the window for her friend, Tom, to stop by.

Tom is her favorite mailman. Their friendship began last year and continues to grow.

Emzlee's mother said the mail carrier comes every day at nine and waves at her in the window.

Tom Melloh first brought Emzlee a coloring book, some crayons and a note addressed: "For the nice young lady who awaits the mail delivery each day."

And since, Emzlee has eagerly waited to greet him; sometimes with cookies, colored pictures and a smile.

With Emzlee on her lap, her mother Ashley Gothard shared, "She is standing in the window, knocking and waving and sometimes blowing kisses, but it is the one thing that she looks forward to every morning."

"Mailman, bye bye," said Emzlee, some of her first words spoken.

Ashley shared that Tom recently accepted a new position at the post office in Casper, Wyoming and would no longer be bringing the mail and no longer be there to say hi every morning.

Tom took it upon himself to make it right and wrote Emzlee a note telling her how awesome she was and how he was going to miss her at the window and made sure to tell the new mail carrier not to forget to wave to little girl in the window.