4 arrested in alleged ATM skimming scam

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office released the booking photos of, left to right, Laurentiu...
The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office released the booking photos of, left to right, Laurentiu Andreica,Vlad Chitas, Sandor Csaba and Lucien Lazar.(KOLO)
Published: Mar. 17, 2019 at 2:07 PM PDT
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The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office has arrested four men who allegedly used skimming devices on automated teller machines in the Sacramento and Reno areas to forge debit cards.

The investigation continues and it appears the men were active since December in areas ranging from Arizona to Washington state, the sheriff’s office says.

The sheriff’s office arrested Vlad Chitas, Laurentiu Andreica, Sandor Csaba and Lucien Lazar.

Someone found a skimming device on a Sacramento-area bank ATM February 15, 2019, and deputies took it and notified the detectives who handled high-technology crimes. The detectives then found out there were similar devices on ATMs in Folsom and in the Reno area. No Reno-area law enforcement agency had information available Sunday on the Reno cases.

In the Sacramento area, the devices stole the account information of about 40 people, the sheriff’s office says.

Investigators found the vehicle used by the suspects and traced it to the owner, who said it was being rented out. Detectives got an arrest warrant for the person who rented the vehicle and put him under surveillance on Thursday. They saw him entering an apartment complex and when he came out they arrested him and three others.

They searched the apartment and found about 20 ATM skimming devices, several recording devices designed and built to be concealed at ATMs, a large volume of re-encoded debit cards, manufacturing equipment needed to design and build more skimming devices, and several computers and equipment needed to re-encode debit/credit cards.