Bristlecone helps people recovering from addiction

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - December 3:

Bristlecone Family Resources has a simple goal: help people recover from addiction, whether alcohol, other drugs or gambling. Getting people on the right track is what they do.

Sometimes clients go to Bristlecone off the street; sometimes it's straight from jail, so they don't have any belongings. That's why the non-profit can use new or gently-used clothing.

"We are always in need of undergarments and socks, warm sweaters, coats, boots. Literally anything that is going to keep them warm. We are in dire need of them," says a spokesperson.

Bristlecone Family Resources also needs toiletries, board games, "and the organization is building a new gym, so if you have gently-used gym equipment, Bristlecone would love it as well."

Also welcome are donations of toiletries, such as razors and feminine hygiene products.

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