2nd county near 'Storm Area 51' event OK's emergency order

Area 51 graphic by MGN.
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LAS VEGAS (AP) - A second rural Nevada county is making emergency plans for a "Storm Area 51" event that has drawn millions of social media fans.

Nye County spokesman Arnold Knightly says the emergency declaration went into effect Thursday, a day after officials said they were unsure how many - or where - people might show up for events Sept. 20-22.

County Commission Chairman Jon Koenig predicts cellphone service will be overwhelmed; water, ice, fuel and food will sell out; and there'll be, in his words, "nowhere to go potty."

Nye County has about 44,000 residents and is nearly the size of Vermont and New Hampshire combined.

Neighboring Lincoln County drafted a similar emergency declaration last week.

Area 51 used to be a secret U.S. Air Force test base. It's known in popular lore as a site for government studies of outer space aliens.

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