1959 pink Nash brings awareness to breast cancer

RENO, NV (KOLO) The license plate says it all C-N-PINK. And this 1959 Nash Metropolitan shouts pink, from the exterior, interior tires, to engine cover.

1959 Nash Metropolitan in pink.

Originally designed as a woman's car, what better way to bring awareness to a disease which mostly impacts women.

“It is a pleasure to be able to share the car with people out there and bring awareness to breast cancer because early detection saves lives,” says Holly McGee the main driver of CNPNK.

McKee and Ted Whipple bought the car in Wyoming.

It looked a little rough at the time. But within a year the couple says it and just about everyone else was seeing pink.

This isn't the couple's only classic car, but the Metropolitan has brought them the most attention, accolades and awards than any other.

That attention comes from women and men directly or indirectly impacted by breast cancer.

“We were parked next to it during "Hot August Nights" and I could not believe the people and survivors that came out to talk about their story,” says Carolyn Evans.

Evans was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2010. She says she went through the gamut of treatment from surgery to chemo to radiation.

Thursday she goes into surgery one more time--for reconstruction.

“And I know I have had some people say to me, “why is that so important?” says Carolyn. “I see it at morning and I see it at night. Which brings it all back to me. And I revisit where I was and I don't want to do that any longer,” she says.

For Carolyn, no more looking in the review mirror.

After tomorrow, a smooth road ahead.