1,600 art pieces to form one Burning Man sculpture

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- Inside a warehouse west of town, art has a different medium: steel and glass.

Peter Hazel is creating an extraordinary work of art -- a 40-foot high, 60-foot long, 25,000-pound jellyfish.

"This is my way of doing something spectacular," said Hazel

He has only been creating art for six years, but with BLOOM, Hazel is creating one of Burning Man's most intricate art pieces.

"There are actually 1600 small jellyfish that make up the one big giant jellyfish," said Hazel.

It won’t be completed until it is out on the playa, but many of the pieces are coming together. Using recycled glass volunteers have been working kilns around the clock to make these glass disks.

"We put these back in the kiln, heat them up, and they conform to this bowl and we have one (a jellyfish)," said Hazel.

On the playa the jellyfish will be attached to this wire frame which, once together, will form the head of a giant jellyfish.

"Then, once the head is done, it gets lifted onto a pole 40 feet tall. Then we are going to have multiple stages where you can climb up inside of this piece," said Hazel.

Aside from a work of art, it's a work of engineering. The structure needs to be able to support not only itself, but the people who climb into it.

"It is just like building a building, but with the aesthetic of the art and making sure that it comes out like a beautiful piece," said Josh Vaile, engineering liaison for BLOOM.

The finishing touches of the piece will include 1,500 feet of L.E.D. lighting and tentacles that stretch down to the ground. Materials alone, the project will cost $70,000.

"That is another huge challenge, funding this thing," said Hazel.

That is something Hazel hopes the community can help with. There is a fundraiser this weekend to help build "BLOOM." It is happening Saturday night at 9pm at Cargo inside of Whitney Peak.