Washoe County School Board approves zoning changes

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Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 9:43 AM PST
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The Washoe County School District Board of Trustees approved

that would affect hundreds of students starting in the 2021-2022 school year.

All students attending Marce Herz Middle School will be zoned for Galena High School.

The Board approved zoning changes that would modify the Galena and Reno High zones. It would move some students zoned for Galena to be zoned for Reno High School.

Also approved, moving a portion of students zoned for Damonte Ranch and Galena High Schools to be zoned for Earl Wooster High School.

A portion of students zoned at Hug, Spanish Springs and Wooster High Schools would be moved to the Reed High School zone. Also, some students zoned for Reed would be moved to the Spanish Springs High School zone. Another portion of students zoned for Hug and Reed will head to the Sparks High School zone. Some students zoned for Sparks High School will be moved to to the Wooster High School zone.

The Board also approved recommendations from the Zoning Advisory Committee that would move some students zoned for Galena be zoned for Wooster and Damonte Ranch High School. Also a portion of students zoned for Wooster be zoned for Damonte Ranch.

Board officials say there will be exceptions to the zoning changes for junior and senior students who want to finish their high school years at the same school.

School officials said there are a lot of moving parts and principals from schools affected will be able to help families with the transition.

"We will be sharing with the principals for these schools kind of some of the bite-sized chunks that affect their schools so what we would recommend is give it a little bit of time, but go contact their current principals and ask for the changes that affect their families and the principals should be able to help them," Paul LaMarca, of the district said.

These decisions are made based on addresses and district leaders say the moves will help alleviate overcrowding.

Zoning for schools not yet built are not included in these changes but will be made in the future. Some of those schools include the new Wildcreek High School and Rio Rangler Elementary School.

You can find more information regarding school zoning by clicking


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