Ventura County cats in Reno looking for homes

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Pictures from the tarmac at Reno Tahoe International Airport show a small plane, with cat carriers inside the hull. The photos were taken Sunday night as 52 cats arrived in Reno from Ventura County, looking for new homes.

“U.S. Humane Society actually paid for the flight, which is actually operated by Wings of Rescue. It's a rescue organization that goes nationwide and takes pets from some of the more risky areas. They transport animals to places like Northern Nevada where we have a really amazing adoption population,” says Angela Rudolph with the SPCA.

Last month Ventura County was on fire. Homeowners lost everything, including animals that tried to get out of harm's way.

Animal Control in Ventura County knows it will be overrun with a new cat population, so it asked for help. Regional shelters said they would take the agency's current residents of felines to make room for new cats in need of care, being reunited with families or put up for adoption.

“Most of them, you know I’ve checked on them this morning, most of them have eaten overnight and so that is a concern we have because of the stress, if they stop eating or whatnot. But most of them seem really, really adjusted,” says Pat Perry, Nevada Humane Society Cat Care Manager.

The cats range from kitten stage to more than 5 years old. All have different personalities, some vocal, some shy, some purring and content just by touch. Some of the cats will be up for adoption as soon as January 23, 2108.

In case you don't want to adopt a cat, but you are moved by their story, the Humane Society is looking for donations. They can be monetary or you can donate wet or dry cat food, cat litter or even a toy. The same goes for the SPCA of Northern Nevada.

Photo taken at SPCA
Photo taken at Nevada Humane Society