The Road Ahead with RTC: RTC Seeks Members for Advisory Committee

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SPONSORED: The RTC is committed to being open and transparent with the public to support the regional transportation planning process. As part of that process, the RTC always looks for ways to involve the public throughout the development of any document, project, plan or policy. They are currently seeking people to join the Citizens Multimodal Advisory Committee (CMAC).

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The RTC has an extensive community-outreach process and wants to understand the region’s diverse and complex transportation needs through a people-based approach. Effective transportation planning requires involvement from community stakeholders. Collaboration with the public allows for innovative ideas to emerge that address complex transportation issues. It also helps RTC develop strong community support during our outreach process.

The RTC is seeking people who have a vested interest in improving transportation for everyone in our community. If you’re a transit passenger, bicyclist, pedestrian, RTC ACCESS user, or just have great ideas to improve transportation, you are encouraged to apply!

To apply to be on the Citizens Multimodal Advisory Committee, click here. There you can find the quick, two-page application.