The Road Ahead with RTC: Pedestrian Safety

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SPONSORED: Pedestrian safety has been a high priority for the RTC and its regional partners. Sadly, there are too many crashes that cause pedestrians to get hurt or killed. The RTC’s vision is zero pedestrian fatalities. The RTC wants to remind everyone to use extra caution. Drivers need to watch closely for pedestrians – and pedestrians should make themselves more visible when walking. Never be impaired and be out on our roads and sidewalks. One fatality is one too many.

There are some things you can do to be a safe pedestrian. First, lighting can be a factor in crashes, so try to walk in well-lit areas. At night, wear bright clothes with reflectors, wearable lights and carry a flashlight. You can always use the built-in flashlight on your phone. Avoid distractions while walking, such as talking or texting on your cell phone or wearing earbuds. Use crosswalks. Finally, don’t assume vehicles will stop even if you have the right-of-way.

For drivers, don’t be distracted. Don’t talk on your cell phone and drive unless it’s hands-free. Even checking your phone while stopped at a traffic light is illegal in Nevada. Also, don’t be distracted by adjusting the radio or having conversations with passengers in your car - that might divert your attention. The RTC wants to remind everyone if you see a vehicle stopped in another travel lane, assume they are stopped for a pedestrian that might not be visible.

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