The Reno Gleaning Project looking for more apples to harvest

RENO NV (KOLO) This is what Pamela Mayne thinks of when you say, "Let's do lunch".

No Cobb Salad for her.

Instead sugar plums fresh off the tree with plenty to donate to charity.

“You know this is a beautiful tree,” says Pamela, with The Reno Gleaning Project. “Dwarf tree. It has been watered and pruned perfectly. So the fruit is at eye level. This is really the best tree for us to pick. And it makes it very easy for us to get to the fruit quickly and get it donated. We will probably be able to save 90% of the fruit off this tree,” she says.

Pamela and volunteers from around the Truckee Meadows have spent the last several weeks picking stone fruit like plums.

She says they are ready to end the season with apples.

She knows there are plenty of residents out there who could use the help on their own trees.

“Probably be 65% of the tree covered with fruit,” she says of the ideal tree.

“You don't have anyone else to pick it,” say Pam. “Specifically very elderly people who don't want to get on a ladder. Who don't feel safe on a ladder--that’s who we really want to help,” she says.

Even though it was a blustery day when we took pictures in Northwest Reno of Pam picking plums, Pamela said that weather is not enough to ripen apples.

For that she says something much different than wind and rain needs to enter the picture.

“It is one freezing night in Reno. Where the entire city gets below 32F. So we will be looking to Jeff to tell us when that is,” she says.

KOLO Chief Meteorologist Jeff Thompson says the soonest that may happen is the last weekend in September.

Coincidentally that’s the deadline for local residents to sign up for help with The Reno Gleaning Project.

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