School Board votes to terminate Superintendent Davis

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RENO, NV (KOLO) UPDATE: UPDATE: The Washoe County School Board has voted to terminate with cause the contract of Superintendent Traci Davis. The vote was 6-1 in favor of termination, with only Trustee Jacqueline Calvert voting against.

The decision came after more than two hours of public comment at a special meeting July 1, 2019 that was streamed live.

At the same meeting, Acting Superintendent Kristen McNeill was named Interim Superintendent pending a search for a permanent successor to Davis.

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ORIGINAL STORY: The stage is set and lines drawn for a special meeting of the Washoe County School Board Monday morning--a meeting called to consider the future of Superintendent Traci Davis.

The community has been here before. Five years ago, then-superintendent Pedro Martinez left after a dispute which began with his firing of the district's police chief, questions about his background and a lawsuit alleging the district violated his contract and the open meeting law.

There was considerable blowback from the community over the board's handling of the affair. Deputy Superintendent Traci Davis stepped into the role and was eventually hired to fill the post. A new school board was elected.

Now it's Davis facing allegations and potential dismissal.

The accusations all stem from a lawsuit filed by a former employee who headed the district's special education programs, who alleged the district wasn't following the law in the education of special needs students. She was fired and filed suit.

School Board President Katy Simon Holland says the district has evidence Davis leaked or allowed confidential information to be leaked in support of that lawsuit.

Davis's attorney disputes that charge, saying there's no evidence Davis shared any confidential information, suggesting his client is being targeted for other reasons.

The dispute took an unusual turn Thursday as Davis... whom we were told last week was on personal leave at her request, a claim not supported by the available record... said she would return to work. The district responded by telling most employees to stay home.

All this sets the stage for an unusual meeting Monday, July 1. Davis's attorney has been given 20 minutes to present her case.

There are four potential outcomes.

"She could be retained," says School Board President Katy Simon Holland. "She could be retained with discipline. She could be terminated without cause. She could be terminated with cause."

Holland says she will vote to terminate Davis with cause. A majority vote will decide the matter. But long before that, public comment is expected to take what could be hours.
The district expects a crowd, In fact they are encouraging public input. Arrangements have been made for overflow attendance and they are encouraging people to email their thoughts and concerns ahead of time.

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